Happy (late) birthday, ME!

Quincy and I decided we weren’t doing gifts for birthdays this year. For each other. But then I saw a zozi.com deal for a weekend of mountaineering classes on Mt. Shasta, and decided it was a perfect gift for myself. So, happy birthday me, let’s go climb a mountain! Or learn to, anyway, so next time I see a wall of ice on an ascent it’s not a “shoot, time to turn around” moment, but rather a “time for an ice axe!” moment.

And Q, my mission for you this weekend is to make it a bday present to yourself 🙂

Here’s the plan.
Friday: Take the train from SLO to Mt. Shasta.
Saturday: Take an “Ice Axe and Crampon Technique” class on Mt. Shasta. Topics include ice axes and crampons – “duh” right?. Camp in the awesome town of Mt. Shasta.
Sunday: Take a “Basic Mountaineering” class on Mt. Shasta. Topics to include rope technique, glacier travel, and anchor placement. Hop back on the train to SLO. Sleep like a little baby. Minus the crying.

Cheers with my “delicious” Budweiser (quotes are intentional, I hope the irony isn’t lost) to 27 hours on a train, 18 hours of climbing, and a weekend in the nature. I’m enjoying it already, and I’m only as far as Salinas! Easy to say when entertainment is as cheap as a goofy face…

And yes, I know… an Iceland blog is long overdue. It’ll come. Maybe Q will even do it while I’m out learning. Maybe… 🙂


~ by stormcellar on July 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Happy (late) birthday, ME!”

  1. Enjoy your weekend Travis, and hope for something other than Budweiser!

  2. Oh – I commented earlier, but it didn’t show up!! I’m working on a bday present for myself – you’ll see when you get home!

    Love you! You better grow a mountain man beard while you are out there 😉

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