No flashlight required (Quincy)

3am on the road to the SF airport for our next adventure. I’m not sure what the meaning of life is but traveling with my best friend makes it on hell of a ride!

Essential items we packed on our 3 week trip around the ring road of Iceland: 2 cans of Kirkland tuna, Game of Thrones book 1, stack of 15 CDs for the car ride including Queen’s greatest hits, the ipood ( googled it), a fifth of whiskey (in case the sleeping bags don’t keep us warm), and a solar shower. What we didn’t bring – a flashlight! That’s right! Perks of 24 hour daylight.

Until next time!

~ by stormcellar on May 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “No flashlight required (Quincy)”

  1. Knowing you have the Kirkland tuna makes all my worries disappear! 🙂

  2. Here we are trying to stay out of the lava from Volcan Fuego and you are off to the ring of fire. Stay safe! Love you very much!!

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