(half) Iron Man!

Saturday was the Wildflower Long Course Triathlon (half Iron Man distance).

Ok. That was hard. Like, really hard. Possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not only is this more than twice the distance I’ve done several times before, but there isn’t a single flat mile in the whole course (except the swim…) But it feels SO good to have done it! And I KILLED the swim (compared to my usual pace anyway), which is just delicious coconut icing on monster-sized German chocolate cake.

I got some major leg cramps on the run, so bad at times I had to stop to stretch out and walk a bit. So, there are some nutrition bugs to work out for next time. But who cares – I crossed the finish line, in one piece! The idea of an Iron Man is still in my head… but I feel I need a couple more halves under my belt before I feel comfortable making that leap. Some day… some day soon.

A million thanks to my enthusiastic cheering squad, Quincy+Janaye+Charlie. You rock! And a million more to David and Julie for the awesome tri shorts and jersey!

~ by stormcellar on May 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “(half) Iron Man!”

  1. Glad the tri shorts and shirt worked out! Love the pictures too-thanks for sharing..

  2. So very very proud of you!!!
    Love you

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