Silent Comedy and Half Ironman

First thing’s first: I just signed up for my first half Ironman triathlon! I have 170 days to train (not that I’m counting…) Unfortunately the Vineman in Sonoma County was full already, so I had to settle with the Wildflower here in SLO – not such a bad thing. At least I get to sleep in my own bed the night before. So… that’s interesting. I think.

Second thing’s second: Quincy and I just got another chance to see the Silent Comedy. We saw them up at the Gorge over the summer, and last night they played a free, acoustic set at Creeky Tiki. We got to chat with the guys again after the show – nice guys (the two we talked to anyway), and AWESOME musicians. I highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance! Speaking of, they’re playing at the Z Club in SLO tonight. Go see!


~ by stormcellar on November 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Silent Comedy and Half Ironman”

  1. fun you saw them again! Did the lead singer drop to the floor and tweak out all phunkadelic-like?? I guess the ironman is pretty cool too.

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