Triathlon #7 (complete!)

Quincy and I went to Granite Bay for the weekend – mostly to visit, but I decided to compete in my 7th triathlon – the Folsom Olympic Triathlon (just because.) I’ve amped up the training lately, up to around 10 hours per week, and it seems to have paid off. On Saturday I challenged myself to beat my previous PR of 3:10 – expecting only a few minutes, I said my reward would be a beer for each minute under.

So the race started. After a 33 minute swim, I sprinted to the transition area. I don’t usually have the energy to sprint after a mile swim – so things were looking up. An hour and 22 minutes later I rolled into the transition area again, smoking my previous best bike time by 9 minutes. I started the run with load of reserves, and kept up a 7:30 mile pace for the first 4 miles. It turns out that was a bit over-agressive, and I hit a bit of a wall in the last 2+ miles of the run. But, I finished, beating my previous run PR by 2 minutes.

Final time: 2:54:45. My reward, had I lived up to my promise to myself, would have been 15 beers.

But that sounds more like a punishment than a reward. A hearty breakfast burrito and a Downtown Brown were plenty.

So… what race is next? Maybe I’ll wait a couple of months.

In the meantime, cool song, cool video:

~ by stormcellar on August 18, 2011.

8 Responses to “Triathlon #7 (complete!)”

  1. Don’t forget to mention the strenuous bike ride that Quincy, David and I had to get to the tri to watch you! Such sacrifice..


  2. Absolutely AWESOME!! Very proud of you!

  3. you didn’t respond to my last challenge: a double century bike ride. Up for it?

  4. Good job Travis.

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