Slippery Slope

2 years ago Jonathan and Michelle convinced me to do my first sprint triathlon. At the most I expected it to be a once-annual event (the SLO Sprint Triathlon, which is the shortest type of triathlon). But I enjoyed it, despite comically awkward transitions, SLO’s notorious heavy afternoon winds, and a very delayed start time.

Fast forward a year, and I decided to double the distance and try the Morro Bay Olympic Triathlon (1 mile swim, 26 mile ride, 6 mile run). And again, there were awkward transitions (turns out running up a beach, pulling off a soggy wetsuit, and putting on a helmet and cycling shoes while shaking out tired arms is difficult). That, on top of 49 degree water, made it challenging. My swim technique was laughable. My transitions equally so. But it was fun. I followed that up with another attack on the SLO Sprint Triathlon, and bested my previous time by 4 minutes. Improvement is motivation.

Another year ahead (this is today), and I’ve definitely caught the bug. I’ve got 6 traithlons under my belt – 3 SLO Sprints, 2 Morro Bay Olympics, and the Goleta Olympic, and a 7th in only 2 weeks (Folsom Olympic). I can finally swim a mile freestyle without breaks (even in 49 degree water). Transitions are nothing to laugh at (though they could be much, much faster, with better gear and more practice). Stepping off a bike after a good ride and running a 10K no longer makes my legs feel like goo.

And here’s the dangerous part. When I get an idea in my head, there’s generally no avoiding it. It will happen. Planting an herb garden. Brewing my own beer. Traveling around Australia. Climbing all of California’s 14,000 foot peaks. Seeing all 7 continents. All complete or in the works.

And the latest addition: a half iron man (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile ride, 13.1 mile run).

It’s nuts. But it’s gonna happen. So here we go…

~ by stormcellar on August 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Slippery Slope”

  1. So, when and where will the half iron man be?


  2. you are crazy.

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