This week’s project, and the weirdest music video ever.

I think it’s pretty cool. Quincy (or was it Nisse?) had the idea of chalkboard paint for the freezer walls… also pretty cool.

And this just might top the list of the strangest music video I’ve seen. It involves dancing parrots, wild bling, and a Beethoven bust.

(Ratatat – Neckbrace)


~ by stormcellar on July 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “This week’s project, and the weirdest music video ever.”

  1. Someone be talking to the local homebrew shop owners, or searching the internet for cool kegerators! I’ve thought about doing this to mine, but I’m too lazy… Are those two “futures” in the middle?

    • It’s far less work than building the brewing stands! I got a bit excited with the drill and put two more holes in the wood than I have taps for… there’s room for a total of 6 though!

  2. This is awesome Trav! Can’t wait to test it out! I think the chalkboard paint was my idea, but being around Quince is so inspiring, I’m fairly certain it was really her presence that conjured the suggestion.

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