This makes me angry.

So angry.


~ by stormcellar on July 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Grr”

  1. One of MY neighbors shot and killed my rooster. My predatory rooster had been charging him and even spurred him breaking the skin. His solution was similar: shoot the critter.
    Now I have heard that bears, once they have learned of the forbidden fruit, cannot be rehabbed. But I don’t know of similar studies on chickens.
    It doesn’t seem fair in either case.

    • I just feel like there are better solutions. There’s plenty of open space out in the Sierras where a bear wouldn’t have access to chicken coops. Why not move it there? That’s a long walk back.
      Seems our rogue animal policies are similar to our foreign policies – if it’s annoying, shoot it.

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