00Google (double-o-google, secret agent man)

Google is spying on me. I typed “does” in the search window, and this came up:

There’s no way Google would show a page about stall speed unless it stored info on me. Creepy.

But, the answer is (kinda) yes… indicated airspeed does stay relatively constant with altitude. In case you were wondering.







~ by stormcellar on July 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “00Google (double-o-google, secret agent man)”

  1. I love the way I can read that and have no clue what your really do at all 🙂


    • Well, it’s, you know.. rocket science 🙂 It’s just a type of unit. Like miles per hour vs kilometers per hour.

      The point is more that I typed ‘does’ and it came up with something specific to me… I found that strange. Wonder what other people get when they type the same thing 🙂

  2. I discovered this the other day. I’m your settings there is a section on web history where google Catalogues your entire web history. This is not cleared when you clear your browser history. Super creepy

  3. DOES for me? doesn’t come up with anything specifically related to me or even interesting.

    But then I turned off the Google history a long time ago. I was (and am) also concerned about why they would do this.

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