Tired Legs (Travis)

Just finished my 2nd Olympic Triathlon in WORLD RECORD TIME!** Despite 2 hours of numb feet (I forgot socks for the ride) and a gallon of saltwater in my belly, I’d say it was pretty successful.

Some highlights:

Notice the otters? Pretty neat.

That face (my “need air” face), was perfectly replicated each stroke (as evidence of my crazy training regime, which includes swimming once annually on the first Saturday of June in the Morro Bay Triathlon). Proof:

Sometimes I got tired and needed to do a sort of “backward butterfly” (you’ll see that in the Olympics some day). Quincy likes to laugh at that, to which I say “you try it”, and she smiles. Maybe next year she’ll understand.

(That’s me with both arms up.)

Then I biked. With numb feet. I do recommend socks – but I left them in my bike/run transition area instead of my swim/bike transition area, so I biked without them. Whoops.

Then I ran, with a considerable buildup of lactic acid in my legs.

Then I was stoked and proud to be done! Can’t wait for the SLO Tri in July:)

**3 hours, 10 minutes, world record for “fastest Olympic Triathlon time by this particular Travis”, beating the previous record of 3 hours 14 minutes. An Olympic Tri is a 1 mile swim, 26 mile ride, and 6 mile run.

~ by stormcellar on June 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Tired Legs (Travis)”

  1. AWESOME!!! Very Proud of you. While you were doing this we made 11 batches of strawberry jam!! That is 44 jars!
    Love you! Mom

  2. Hey, good job! Next time get your wife out there with you..and by the way, love the hair in the last photos!

    Love Julie Mom

  3. Well done! I’m proud of you (as always!) And a world record! You are a natural.

  4. Don’t worry, swimming is way overrated. I prefer land. I did a tri years ago and went to my standard: breast stroke.

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