A blog! Wooah (Travis)

It’s been a while since we wrote – definitely not for lack of excitement in our lives. Quite the opposite acutally, we just haven’t had the time! There hasn’t been a minute to breathe between moving into the new house, seeing the friends we haven’t seen in months, trying to find a time I can work at the wildlife center, getting back on the bikes, and adjusting to new jobs (for me anyway. For Q it’s adjusting back to the old job.)

As far as my job goes, I feel like I finally caught a break. I wish I’d kept track of how many jobs I’ve applied for in the past 18 months. I’m sure the list would top 200, with only a handful of responses, and only a single phone interview. But finally, with a little persistance and a friend willing to vouch for me, I landed a sweet job at Aeromech Engineering. Long story short, they make unmanned planes, and I get to help. It’s exciting! I don’t know where the job will take me in the long run, but I’m sure I’ll find my place. For now I’m working on writing some aircraft performance programs. I don’t know how much I can say, since I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so that much will have to suffice until I know what I can share 🙂 Oh, and I get a window seat, with a killer view of the hills to the East of SLO. It’s pretty awesome the difference a window makes on my mood and productivity. Now, if I could find a better way to get my computer high enough so I can stand and work – I don’t think stacking my computer and mouse on IAMS and motor oil boxes will fly for much longer.
We’re still settling into our new home, and loving it. We painted a couple of walls and just bought tomatoes, herbs, and peppers. The dogs have finally mastered the art of the doggie door. The landlords are nice. The neighbors are nice. Everything’s nice. I guess life is just plain nice, despite the cold weather. I guess it can’t be summertime year round, huh? Too bad.

Random thought: did you know you could use most of a green onion, then put the roots in water and they’ll grow back? I didn’t. We’ve been using the same green onions for a month now. Pretty cool. Thanks Nis!


~ by stormcellar on March 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “A blog! Wooah (Travis)”

  1. We’re happy to have you back! Glad you guys are settling in and enjoying the United States life again. Thanks for the shout out—I’ll be sure to keep the domestic tips a flowin’.

  2. I’ve been trying for 3 weeks to make that trick work with a yellow onion. It’s not. I guess there is more difference here than green and yellow.

    • Probably the fact that the whole yellow onion is the root – if you use just the leafy green part of the green onion it works great! It’s almost magical, like a never-ending supply of green onion.

  3. So,are you and Quincy biking to work?

    • Maybe soon… all 5 miles of the commute 🙂 It’s just been too cold lately to ride that early. That, and I don’t know the folks at work too well yet, so I don’t want to be the weirdo that shows up to work in lycra, at least until I know them all.

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