Back to reality (Travis)

Our trip is quickly coming to a close. We’ll be spending our last week in Australia re-adjusting to normal life (going back to taking the usual things for granted, like sleeping under a roof, using running water, using running HOT water, knowing where I’ll sleep every day…) Living out of a car, driving nearly every day, sleeping in a new place every night, and cooking gourmet meals with a simple two-burner stove has been a nice reminder of how simple life can be – and that simplicity doesn’t detract from happiness. I’ve loved living out of the van. If I could ship the van back to the states, I would. Maybe I’ll buy one back there instead… if only money weren’t necessary to afford food and other nonsense.

I tried hard to get a job in the aerospace industry here. I knew I’d be facing some tough hurdles, not the least of which was being a foreigner competing for jobs locals want. Needless to say, I didn’t get one, so we’re homeward bound!

Today we were consumed with getting the van ready to sell – and it’s ready! I’m surprised we haven’t gotten any calls about it, and while I think the price is to blame (the selling price is $1,000 more than we bought it for), I’m confident it will sell. We put a good bit of energy (and money) into the car. It runs better than when we got it, and it has all of the camping gear the next adventurous duo could possibly need.

Q and I are currently working side by side designing a website for Ray and his business partner, which is a fun project. (Warning: nerd lingo). My HTML and CSS are rusty, but I remember it fairly well, so the static elements of the website are a walk in the park. The user login and user information database will be an adventure – and since I haven’t used the left half of my brain in 90 days (except to rig a hammock between a couple of trees), I’m ready for the challenge.

So the van and website get us to next week. Oh, and possibly working at the Australia Wildlife Hospital again. If I have one regret (but regret is such a strong word that I hate to use it…) from this trip it’s that we only got to contribute to the efforts at two wildlife hospitals (the Australia Wildlife Hospital in Brisbane and the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie). I’d love to help more. Anyway, we fly home on January 31st. Quincy starts work the first week of March. So what’s in between?

Another adventure.

I don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing, but while I’m looking for jobs, we’re traveling. No, I haven’t had enough. Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Oregon, San Diego, the moon… who knows. That’s to decide later!

It’s amazing what 3 months on the road does:

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~ by stormcellar on January 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Back to reality (Travis)”

  1. Oregon sounds good to me. Your sister is working on coming up for Seafood and Wine on her way to Washington. I dunno about Ellen, but I am ok with a full house! Travel safe.

  2. So are you back at the Shattes?

  3. you look more intelligent in the first picture. welcome back.
    don’t be depressed! your backyard can be an adventure too.

  4. We’re all excited to have you back Travis! Even if you do think longingly of kangaroos and wallabies when you look at us.

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