Winding down (Quincy)

In about an hour or so, Travis and I will have circled half of Australia! We just left our last stop—Surfer’s Paradise–home to the only Hard Rock Café in Australia, retail stores selling California-themed graphic tees (c’mon now, I didn’t just travel 13,014 kilometers for Hollywood paraphernalia!) and a really long beach.

Travel back in time three days and we were in Byron Bay…arguably the most beautiful place I have ever been. The beaches were perfect! The water was so easy to get into and Travis and I spend three days boogie boarding, listening to impromptu jam sessions on the street, and digging our toes into the soft sand with a good book. We didn’t want to leave, which is turning into the theme of our entire trip.

Back up a day more and we were in Port Macquarie, where we got a new battery for our car after push starting it for about the 40th time. I tallied up how many Aussies have ran over to help us push start the van over the last three months, and it adds up to about 29! Think about it…if you were broken down at the side of the road in America, how many people would drop what they are doing to help you?

More importantly in Port Macquarie, we visited another koala hospital that Travis had been in touch with about volunteering. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they had enough volunteers, so we adopted a koala instead with money my Grandma and Papa Long had given to our cause. The “adoption” fee goes towards rehabilitated sick or injured koalas that have mostly been hit by cars. It breaks my heart to know that the koala population is dwindling so rapidly.

Now that our trip is winding down, it is time to sell our beloved Jumbuck. I’m hoping for a quick and easy sell! Time to make plans for our next trip!

~ by stormcellar on January 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Winding down (Quincy)”

  1. Great trip, but we can’t wait to see you!
    Love you. Mom

  2. Looks like you guys are really enjoying yourself. I love the photos especially!

  3. I’m eating oatmeal right now.

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