Wombats: check! (Quincy)

Our search for my favorite animal, the beloved wombat, has finally come to an end! Last night we pulled up to Kangaroo Valley because we got a tip that it is good for wombat sightings. Just as the sun went down, we saw a huge wombat waddling across the campground! I have heard that they are shy animals, so I am surprised by how close it allowed us to get to take some photos before some kids scared it off by chasing their bikes after it. Travis and I thought that our luck had run out and that was the first last wombat we would ever see but we were wrong!

Travis, being the wombat whisperer that he is, had the brilliant idea of setting up the camera on our tripod and aiming it at a hole in the fence right by our campsite. I thought he was crazy while we sat and waited for about an hour for signs of movement, but sure enough, we heard a twig break and some rustling in the grass! It was pitch black, so Travis took a picture with the flash so we could see what the sounds was. Sure enough, there was a wombat giving us a classic wombat-in-headlights look. We got some great pictures and the waiting paid off!

The best part of our wombat experience is coming…

We went to bed after we had had our fill of wombats and in the middle of the night, we heard a loud, scraping noise and our van started wobbling. We shined our headlamps out the window to see a wombat scratching its back on the underside of our van! It scratched its back for a bit, then started chomping on grass right outside our window. After a bit, it wandered off, but either it or other wombats returned and did the same exact thing 4 or 5 times during the night. It was a restless night, but completely worth the experience of being within inches of these awesome creatures!

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~ by stormcellar on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Wombats: check! (Quincy)”

  1. Glad your wish was granted Quincy!

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