Wows (Travis)

The last few days have been full of wows. For very different reasons.

Wow #1. The Grampians are a national park a bit northeast of Adelaide. It was a slight backtrack to get to them, but we just couldn’t pass up visiting after they came so highly recommended – and they didn’t disappoint. The landscape is scattered with what they call “mountains”, which is kinda cute coming from the states where mountains reach 14,000 feet tall. But still, they looked great, especially after several weeks in the flat Outback.

We camped the first night at a campground in the park, where nothing too memorable happened. But the second night, after a 12 mile hike (which I’m still sore from), we stayed at a free campground just outside of the park. As soon as the sun started going down, we were surrounded by furry friends.

Wow #2. After the Grampians, we made our way to the Great Ocean Road. Turns out it was well named – it’s a road, following the ocean, and it’s pretty neat.
Maybe even great. At times, it’s a lot like Highway 1 between SLO and Monterey – a windy, steep road following seaside cliffs. We stopped at several of the scenic stops to just stare… I won’t try to describe what we saw. Picture time.

Wow #3. WILD koalas! We turned off the Great Ocean Road to a small, dirt road that we heard was home to koalas. We heard right – they were napping in the trees. So cool!

Wow #4. Then there was Melbourne. The caravan parks, where we like to stay, are pretty far from the city center. So, we decided it would be more convenient and we’d enjoy the city more if we stayed in a hostel. Whoops. I don’t quite know how to describe the nastiness that the hostel, except to say that touching any surface meant risking catching communicable disease and breathing the air meant exposing yourself to the most stale, rank air I’ve ever smelled. It was awful. But, we survived two nights there, and managed to have a fantastic time in the city. I do love Melbourne – I just wouldn’t recommend the hostel at Franklin and Elizabeth Streets. Melbourne deserves its own blog since it was so fun… so that’ll come later.

That’s all for now! Off to hunt some wombats. Fingers crossed – maybe we’ll finally see some in the wild!


~ by stormcellar on January 10, 2011.

7 Responses to “Wows (Travis)”

  1. Stop… hammer time great! My cousin visiting australia said he went for a drive on the great ocean road too and it was really pretty!

  2. Wow, such great pictures Travis! What a blast to see all that.
    Love ya,

  3. The ko-Whala! bears are so cute!

  4. yey! looks like you guys are having a blast! You’re getting into the part I traveled through and things are starting to look familiar…love it! Hit Sam up in Sydney….I’ve told him all about you 🙂 good things only

    Miss you!!

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