Thanks, Dad

Apparently, $40 is the price you pay for good beer in Australia. After whining to my dad that I missed the flavor of a true IPA, he recommended a beer from Tasmania called “Epic Ale”. For two months, Travis and I have been keeping our eyes peeled for this gem and we finally, FINALLY found it last night in a little bar called Cookie (or Biscuit, if you are Australian). We were so excited about our fortunate find, that we ordered the Epic Pale Ale and Epic IPA right away, no questions asked. Our initial reaction normally would have been shock and horror when the bartender said “Forty-One dollars and fifty cents,” but we had to play it cool, so we pretended that we didn’t just burn half of our day’s budget on 24 ounces of hops and water.

It was worth it.

Before we splurged on liquid gold, we were urged by our travel book to go to the Croft Institute. To get to the Croft Institute, you go down a series of graffiti-and-dumpster lined alleyways and enter into a room lined with beakers and test tubes. The entire bar is decorated to look like a lab, down to the drinks that you sip out of a syringe and the hospital bed in the female restroom (what they call the “Department of Female Hygiene”. A bit creepy, but like nothing else we have ever seen or done! Loved it.

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Melbourne has been good to us – my favorite thing was the free Museum of Motion Picture and Graphics, which had an extensive history of film and animation as well as some really cool artifacts, like the red dress that Nicole Kidman wore in Moulin Rouge and the armor that Heath Ledger wore in Ned Kelly. Travis and I spend hours walking around, looking at the free exhibits scattered throughout the city and the awesome architecture and skyline. I didn’t want to leave, but the road calls and so does our van. Now headed towards a campsite in between Wagga Wagga and Wodonga (I know. Just be silly and read those out loud), where I continue my mission to find a wombat.

Stay tuned!

~ by stormcellar on January 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Thanks, Dad”

  1. Yes, your dad has turned you into a beer snob…by the way, that weird bar IS creepy!
    Love you,

  2. I think I’m going to open up a brewery in Australia! $40 for two beers – that’s crazy! Glad the beers lived up to their reputation.

    Here’s to beer snobbery…cheers!

  3. Is that like a jello-ish drink? looks splendid! so much fun. I had some almonds…not sure I could eat those out of a syringe but I guess I could try.

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