No more wine! (Quincy)

I’m so tired of wine right now, I don’t even want to write about it, but I will because traveling through the Barrossa and Clare Valleys was too amazing not to mention.

To summarize, we were in The Barossa for three days and Clare for two days. You can say we got caught up with so many great wines to taste from so many diverse tasting rooms. My favorite in the Barossa was a tasting room known as “Barossa Chateau”. The tasting room was very grand and we managed to make our way through the entire wine list (probably good that we only went to one winery that day, they had 30 or so wines to try). We got a few people asking us if we were with Oprah, since rumor was she visited the Barossa just before us! I can’t believe I was breathing Oprah’s air!

Of all the places we have visited so far, Barossa was like home. Rolling hills with vineyards and hot/dry weather was just like Paso Robles (only prettier).

Clare welcomed us with a plague of locusts.
I’m not kidding.
If you have ever driven through a plague of locusts, you know the pure horror of bug guts exploding on your windshield at a rate of 100 bugs per second. We stayed at a caravan park and tried not to let the bugs get to us. For the most part, they stayed out of our way.

The highlight of staying in Clare had to have been the Riesling Trail bike ride that we took. Riding a tandem bike, in a plague of locusts, in 104 degree weather and stopping at not one, not two, but SIX wineries is something I never would have imagined would be possible, but we did it! My favorite winery was definitely one called Last Word. As soon as we walked in, we took a bit of a personality test which matched us with the first wine we would taste. Travis was matched to a Rose in a pretty pink bottle (ha!) and I was matched to a Cab-Merlot in a red bottle. I loved the lightheartedness of the winery and the fact that all of the bottles were really fun colors. After a day of visiting stuffy, snooty wineries, their lack of seriousness was a breath of fresh air.

We liked Last Word so much, we returned the next night for their beach-themed New Years Eve party, with reggae band, Nattai (check them out on Facebook!). They were so much fun! We paid an entrance fee and got unlimited pizza, french fries (chips), ice cream, and a free glass of wine. Needless to say, I left Clare with some souvenirs…a few extra pounds!

We needed to take a vacation away from the wine region for a while, so we are now on the Great Ocean Highway headed to Port MacDonnal (sp?) tomorrow for a festival.

Until next time…


~ by stormcellar on January 1, 2011.

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