Rough Life in Wine Country (Travis)

As usual, I’m blogging to complain. I’m sitting in the hammock I just strung between two eucalyptus trees, being warmed by the last hour of sun. Torture. All kidding aside, life is as good as ever.

We spent today driving from the Barossa Valley up to the Clare Valley, a quick drive through what felt like California. It’s uncanny how much this place looks like the Sonoma and Napa Valleys – so much so that I sometimes forget that we’re in Australia, only to be reminded by Quincy yelling “LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD!” Ok kidding, that hasn’t happened (knock on wood.)

Quincy and I just finished planning tomorrow’s adventure – a 20 mile bike on a tandem ride through the Clare valley, of course with several stops at wineries. Should be fun! Even in 104 degree heat… cheers to an adventure! As a side note, wine tasting is FREE here. Everywhere. Even the good stuff. Yesterday we tasted a $200 shiraz from Penfolds (which was ok… definitely not worth the price) and today, a shiraz from 167 year old vines (!) from Langmeil (which was delicious – except we don’t have the expendible income to drop $100 on a single bottle.)

The ants that were climbing the eucalyptus tree are thoroughly confused by the rope I just wrapped around it. Kinda fun to watch.


~ by stormcellar on December 29, 2010.

One Response to “Rough Life in Wine Country (Travis)”

  1. Looks so beautiful there! Let us know how the bike ride was.
    Love Mom

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