They’re so cute I just want to squeeze them! (Quincy)

This morning, I climbed out of Jumbuck to see a huge group of wallabies hopping around, foraging for food! It was great to see them living and thriving, rather than smashed like pancakes in the road. Now that we are in the outback (currently in Croydon, to be exact), we have had to be very careful to watch out for the kangaroos and wallabies crossing the road. We have had a couple of close calls so far, but luckily managed to avoid them.

The land out here is beautiful. We pass a car about every hour and a town about every three hours (if you can even call them towns! They are so tiny!). We are hoping to reach Normanton today, another step towards Darwin. It is starting to look like we won’t be able to make it to Sydney for New Years eve, but we will celebrate happily in the wide open outback 🙂 Not even sure where we will be for Christmas at this point, but I’m sure it will be special.

Gotta go hit the road again! Miss everyone!


~ by stormcellar on December 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “They’re so cute I just want to squeeze them! (Quincy)”

  1. Christmas in the middle of summer will be different! Does Santa wear bermudas? Does he track sand from the beach down the chimney? Does he substitute wallabys for his reindeer?

    • Don’t know about the sand or wallabys, but he definitely does wear bermudas. I’ve seen some funny Santa suits around – I’ll post pictures for you next time I see one!

  2. awww not only do they have a great name – but those wallabies are so freakin cute. Have you seen any wombats yet?

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