Mossman Gorge, then Westward Bound! (Travis)

From Cairns, we went north to Mossman Gorge in Daintree National Park, and spent a day hiking and swimming in the rainforest. On the way we saw a dingo – the first we’ve seen yet – which was pretty neat. As a side note, I’ve heard that the only true dingos left are on Frasier Island off the east coast of Oz. The dingos on the mainland have bred with domesticated dogs and are no longer true dingos.

Ok, back to Mossman Gorge. We opted to brave the mozzies and take the “strenuous” (according to our guidebook) 2.6 km hike. I don’t think that guidebook was written for us. 2.6 km through flat rainforest with well defined trails isn’t tough, even with the heat, humidity, and mosquitos. Still, it led us to the right place – the walk was stunning, and it finished with a dip in the cool Daintree River (which doesn’t have crocs! What a treat.) The water was a bit murky, unlike the photos I’ve seen, but I bet that’s because of the heavy rains lately.

Sometimes I wonder why we decided to come here in the wet season (a storm is brewing in the distance as I write this, and it looks like it’ll be another rainy night.) But, the bonus of coming in the wet season is that the flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing, and everything is as green as you can imagine.

And finally, we’ve turned west! After a month of driving north, it’ll be interesting to drive into the sunset. But not literally, because sundown is when the wildlife chooses to cross the road, and I’d like to avoid collisions with the native creatures. I think internet and cell coverage will be pretty spotty now that we’ve left the east coast, so be patient! We’ll be in touch as often as we can 🙂 So for those of you keeping track, we’ll be on the Savannah Way between Cairns and Normanton for the next couple of days, then continuing on to Darwin.

I must go. A wasp an inch long (no joke) is eyeing me for dinner.

P.S. – the Harvey game is still on.


~ by stormcellar on December 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mossman Gorge, then Westward Bound! (Travis)”

  1. Wow, Harvey followed you all the way to Mossman Gorge! That’s one tough guy. Looked like he was trying to keep out of site in the trees.

    Is that the same place we went before? Love the pictures!

  2. As beautiful as your pictures are, they bring me to home. We are having a wet fall. The colors are disappearing now to be replaced with stark dead branches. The vines have traditioned their way thru gold to brown.
    But in their stead the forests are a mat of ferns. The fields are endless green grass. Verdant is the word.
    So! we miss you but remind you that home aint bad either. Love! Dad

    • I’m sure it is! It’s definitely an interesting experience, putting on sunscreen and sweating during the holiday season. I do love it, but I miss you too!

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