Blog titles are hard (Quincy)

As I type away, another set of skydivers are landing on the beach in front of our van. Unfortunately, the $350 it takes to fall from the sky (plus another extra $100 for the photo) is a little out of our budget, but we can still enjoy hearing the others shout with adrenaline as they hit the soft sand.

The best way to describe Mission Beach – our parking spot for the past two days – is a scene straight from Swiss Family Robinson. Islands, palm trees, and beating sun and humidity! We love it! As I mentioned before, the back of our van is open to the beach and the Great Barrier Reef beyond and at night (thanks to our new handy-dandy mosquito net), we can leave the door open and here the waves crash.

Two nights ago was a little different. A thunder storm louder than any I have ever heard woke us up in our sleep. I can’t explain how LOUD and SCARY it was. Our entire van shook every time a lightening bolt would hit the ground instantaneous with the sound of thunder. CRAZY!!!

A day before the storm, we discovered that the air conditioning in our van would cost us $1900 to get working. We both laughed at the repairman when he handed us his business card with the list of repairs and said, “Absolutely not!”. We were bummed at first, but then realized that driving with the windows down and fan at full blast, music blaring over the sound of humid Aussie air buzzing past our ears is all part of the adventure…

After the air conditioning fiasco, we decided to change the oil because Peter, a kind Aussie hobo friend of ours, offered to do the work if we bought the oil. To add to a day of successes, the newly-purchased oil container ends up falling out of the car and exploding on my foot! Always looking on the bright side, Peter said, “You have the best-lubricated foot in all of Queensland!”. Took me a while to get it off and we had JUST enough left that hadn’t spilled to replace the ancient crusty oil that was already in Jumbuck.
We left Peter a day later after he serenaded us a goodbye song in between his tears, gave us his final words of advice (“Watch out for cyclones”), and hugged us goodbye.

Our plans for the next couple of days are–as always–open, but we hope to make our way up to Cairns as our final stop on the east coast before we journey inland. We feel like two salmon swimming against the stream when we tell people we are traveling north. Apparently, south is the way to go to avoid cyclones, flash floods, deadly jellyfish, disease-ridden mosquitoes, and crocodiles during this time of the year.

Having the time of our lives!

Quincy on Mission Beach

Travis on Mission Beach


~ by stormcellar on December 3, 2010.

One Response to “Blog titles are hard (Quincy)”

  1. Yey, don’t let the cyclones, jellyfish or crocs scare you away from heading for Cairns! Glad your are having so much fun.
    Love you.

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