Time to catch up! (Travis)

It’s been a while since I blogged, so I’m going to do another scatter-brained, rapid-fire sort of blog to catch you all up on what we’ve been up to. I’m also currenly being checked out by a family of four curlews – google them. Cute birds.

First, we drove to Townsville, and stopped at the Big Mango. No idea why someone would build such at thing…

We bowled in Ayer, and saw the new Harry Potter movie. We were offered a backpacker discount (our accents maybe?). Nobody offers discounts in the states, you have to ask for them.

And while I admit we’re both horrendous bowlers, I won.

We drove to Townsville, and I absolutely love this city. It’s a big city by tropical Queensland’s standards – but only 100,000 people. They have public netted swimming areas to keep out the jellyfish, sharks, and crocs, public waterparks, public swimming lagoons… all free. And in this heat and humidity, they’re amazing. But I digress. First, we tasted beer at “The Brewery” – the only microbrew for hundreds of miles – excellent beer.

Then Quincy posed with a mural.

We walked on the beach.

We hiked Castle Hill, a hill in the middle of Townsville. The view was stunning.

Quincy finally forced me to shave. Everything’s harder when you’re camping.

We went swimming in Paradise Pool, aptly named because it’s pretty close to paradise. Cool water, no crocs, and usually no people. We went two days in a row.

Found parrots eating.

We spent yesterday on our very own deserted beach. We jumped in the sun.

We invented the game of Sand Bowling. You need 20 sticks and 2 things to throw – we used bits of coral.

And today, our friend Peter caught a shark – he’s a great guy. We’ve been camping with him for the past 4 nights, and true to Aussie nature, he helped us diagnose the reason our van didn’t start up so well (it does now), helped us change the oil in the van (since he had the tools), loaned us his book on free campsites throughout Oz, and caught a shark and gave us a good bit for dinner (that shark goes for close to $50 a pound in a market!)

Ok, now we’re on the same page. Cheers!


~ by stormcellar on December 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “Time to catch up! (Travis)”

  1. The giant mango was made as an alternate meal for King Kong. You can only eat bananas for so long.

  2. The parrots were all over eating like that? Very cool… And I want some shark!

    • Yep, cool huh? I used to pull the camera out every time we saw them – now it’s just another bunch of parrots. They’re everywhere. Still fun to see every time 🙂
      The shark was delicious! A bit of oil, fried up… yumm.

  3. Great update. What was fixed on the van to help it start easier?

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