I’m stuffed. (Quincy)

Today, there were many things to give thanks for. Despite being far from the family and friends that we usually spend Thanksgiving with, Travis and I kept the spirit alive by making a feast. I personally gave thanks for our shelter from the rain – the camp kitchen, and for the life of the turkey we spared by eating meat substitute. More importantly, I gave thanks for the family and friends who we miss so much back home…we tried, but Thanksgiving isn’t quite the same without games, a good home brew, and watching Grandma fall asleep on the couch after dinner.

The menu:
Mashed potatoes
Stuffing (made with dried tropical fruits)
Green bean salad
“Turkey” cranberry phyllo wraps (Travis made up the recipe and it was amazing!)
Cranberries (NOT out of the can!)
Gravy (Out of a pouch…not the same!)
Apple pie (Store bought. I tried so hard to find pumpkin to make a pie but couldn’t find it here!)
Mango mimosas
Definitely the most elaborate camping meal I’ve ever made!

~ by stormcellar on November 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “I’m stuffed. (Quincy)”

  1. Ok, you made your mom cry reading this post. Your meal was beautiful and quite inventive! Didn’t know you took my fig jam all the way there-how funny. We will miss you two today; and I am sure your names will be mentioned a few times around the circle.

    Love you!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun. Aarde and I are doing something similar … Minus Harvey and the tropical weather and the camping … Ok maybe the only similarity is that we are spending the day together eating non-traditional thanksgiving food (Aarde’s making paella!) and relaxing. No traveling or worrying.:) We’re going to celebrate with our families in January or February and skip the stress. I’m happy. So far today we have eaten oatmeal (and coffee for me of course), watched our favorite TV shows and now we’re going to play some video games we rented …maybe go for a bike ride later. Miss you guys!

    • Nice! How was it?

      Not sure what we are going to do for xmas yet…it’s hard to get in the mood when it is 80 degrees and humid, but I’m sure we will have another feast or something.

      Tell Aarde I said hi and don’t do the cha cha slide on your knees without me!

      • It was awesome! Best thanksgiving ever. Christmas is just another day … doesn’t have to be cold to just reflect on what is important to you and who you love. I’m not sure if we’ll get a tree, maybe I’ll just grab a dead branch from outside. 😛
        It’s nice here … cold, kinda wet … sorta frosty. Perfect. I love it. Get to wear jackets and gloves and scarves and cuddly thick pajamas and fuzzy socks around the house. 🙂 Not really the weather for you, but I’m happy.

      • And I’ll do my best to wait on the knee dances (phooey)

  3. Mom read your post today in the circle. I’m impressed! So, how many other campers did you have trying to join in your feast?

    • Oh, that’s cool! We actually invited several people, including 3 Irish people and and English person we met. Unfortunately, everyone was heading out early that day, so we weren’t able to share..more leftovers for us!

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