New Game. (Travis)

Ok, we’re starting a game.

This is Harvey.

Meet Harvey.

He follows us everywhere – we’ve seen him almost every day. From now on, every time we see Harvey, we’re gonna take a picture. If you find Harvey, post a description of where he is.

We’ll keep count, and whoever has the most Harvey sightings at the end of our trip wins a special souvenier.

Where’s Harvey #1:

Find him.

Happy hunting!


~ by stormcellar on November 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “New Game. (Travis)”

  1. I like this game! Harvey is in the middle of the picture, a little to the right.

  2. On the ground, under the leaning tree. I am gonna win.

  3. I don’t see a striped hat or glasses. I thought this was Where’s Waldo?

  4. Haha – I didn’t think anyone would bother! One for Damien!

  5. Isn’t Harvey cute! He’s in front of Eucalyptus trees. We’re cooking this morning. Lu & Clrk will be here this aft. Pap & Gram

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