Paradise (Quincy

Everyone’s definition of paradise is different, but mine is pulling up to a beach and camping within 20 feet of the breaking waves. That, and eating burritos for dinner AND breakfast. I had the pleasure of experiencing paradise in the last 24 hours.

Travis and I pulled up to the town of 1770 yesterday after spending the previous 2 nights at a soggy little rest stop in the town of Sharon. I will not say much about Sharon except that the low point was watching Travis dig trenches around our campervan so we wouldn’t be flooded in, and then deciding that the best option was to move our camp to a higher point 50 feet away…in the pouring rain and mud…with no showers. Don’t get me wrong, Sharon had its high points. A few hours before the unfortunate decision to relocate through the sludge, I was frolicking spastically through the rainforest grass to avoid being sucked on by a leech wearing my favorite color–hot pink.

After waking up in the tropical paradise of the town of 1770, Travis and I made our way to another nearby beach and baked in the sun (wearing sunscreen, Mom!) for a few hours. We wanted to stay, but we have limited ourselves to one real campground a week, and there are no truck stops in paradise (who knew?).
We currently find ourselves at a truck stop in a little town called Yaamba on the outskirts of the hick town, Rockhampton. We are co-inhabiting the truck stop with thousands of parrots and frogs and one Jehovah’s witness who is currently converting Travis. We are grateful for the company.

Life is great!

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~ by stormcellar on November 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Paradise (Quincy”

  1. nice pictures. good times.

  2. Thanks for wearing sunscreen…makes me feel better. Fun to Skype with you yesterday! Please keep an eye out for anymore leeches.

    Love you

  3. I like frogs. Leeches not so much.

    • im with you..the frogs are freakin’ aborable. you wouldn’t believe it, but they hate the frogs here and make it a game to hit them with their cars…you see, the frogs are poisonous and eat their crops and kill their pets when they eat them.

      i still love them

      • How sad! I did lots of frog drawings in high school cause they are so cute! I wish I could cuddle with them. Even if they are poisonous. 😦

  4. The leech was wearing hot pink? How did it do that?

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