Introducing…Jumbuck! (Quincy)

We have finally settled on a name for our home for the next 3 months. Jumbuck is Australian slang for sheep. It’s white. It makes weird noises. It has a black nose. It at least makes us feel soft and wooly inside.
We have spent the last two nights living out of Jumbuck and he has treated us well, but I am afraid we are at full capacity already and we haven’t even bought any souvenirs!

Stay tuned for Jumbuck’s gradual transformation into a rad, pimped-out campervan.

In other, very exciting news, we visited Steve Irwin’s zoo today – the Australia Zoo! We would have loved to take a look around, but are afraid the tickets were a little out of our price range for the time being. We put in an application to volunteer at the Animal Hospital that is connected that rehabilitates mostly koalas and if all goes well, we will be volunteering this week (fingers crossed!). The facility is incredible and is decorated with old photos of Steve Irwin and rescued wildlife…volunteering here would be an experience I would never forget!

More to come!


~ by stormcellar on November 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Introducing…Jumbuck! (Quincy)”

  1. What a great van! (Blue would have been perfect!)

  2. Great name guys! Looking forward to reading more about your trip. Feel free to come back to our place anytime – we are missing you already! Plus I have a craving for those mexican wraps you cooked…

  3. Lonely looking Jumbuck. I like the pics 🙂

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