Overdue for a blogerita! (Quincy)

The goal was to blog every day and we are already behind..ha!

A list of things we’ve been up to:
-Getting lost in Brisbane – I think Travis and I walked 10 miles over the course of the day trying to find “mobile” service stores.
-Shopping at the biggest mall in the southern hemisphere – Pretty much the same as an American mall, but with different stores except Target.
-Getting phone and Internet service. SUPER exciting, I know. But now we have wireless internet on the go, which means I can keep in touch!
-Discovering that the beer in Australia is 1-expensive ($20 for a 6-pack?!) and 2-lacking the flavors and hops of my favorite American microbrews (namely, Lagunitas IPA and Firestone Union Jack).
-Hanging out with Nyssa and Ryan! We’ve had so much fun with these two! We just slept over at their house and even though Nyssa is sick, she is a great hostess. Most of our time last night was spent watching their dog and kitten play around in the yard. SO adorable. I will post pictures later. BTW..Nyssa is Lorraine and Ray’s daughter and one of my sister’s best friends.
-Eating meat. That’s right- we couldn’t pass up shrimp and kabobs on the barbie!

Today is my first cricket match – Australia vs Sri Lanka! I’ll have Travis blog about that next, so stay posted!

~ by stormcellar on November 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Overdue for a blogerita! (Quincy)”

  1. FED EX Puleeeeeeese – “shrimp and kabobs on the barbie!”

  2. Check out this web site: http://craftypint.com/ Australia Craft Beer seen.

  3. Sounds like you guys are having fun! We miss you both!

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