Bye PWC! (Travis)

The last day at the Pacific Wildlife Center was a bit bittersweet… I’m definitely going to miss the people there and the animals I’ve gotten to work with. But, it does mean we’re one day closer to leaving for Australia. I don’t think the excitement for that needs to be stated. It’s fitting that today was such a great day at the center – everything went well and I got to work with some gorgeous birds. I worked with two red-tailed hawks and three great horned owls – one of whom gave me a good scare when he decided to hold my hand. Their talons aren’t so nice to hold. Luckily I had leather gloves – without that I’d have several nasty puncture wounds to take to Oz. Anyway, to all of you at PWC, thanks for an awesome experience!

Have you ever seen a baby possum have breakfast?


~ by stormcellar on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bye PWC! (Travis)”

  1. Hi Hope we are doing this right. We have been catching up on your blogs. It sounds like you are busy and getting oriented. We’ll writ more later. McKenna has been giving Phillip a trumpet lesson and I need to get him home. LOve Papa & Gram.

    • Yes, you are doing it right!

      I’m glad you are checking the blog. We will be updating it every other day or so, so keep checking back!

      We are having a great time so far. Tonight, our van is being dropped of, so we will get to hit the road in the next two days or so!

      Love you!

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