366 ways to be a little bit greener. (Travis)

I’m always looking for little things to lessen my impact on the planet. I came across a blog the other day by a girl who made one change each day for a year. Obviously, that’s a HUGE commitment, and pretty impressive. But some of the changes are small, easy, and effective.

Here are some of my favorites. It’s long, but at least I narrowed it down from 366 for you 🙂

1. Switching to recycled, unbleached paper towels.
4. Switching to a recyclable toothbrush.
5. Turning down my thermostat
6. No more bottled water
10. Making all my bills electronic
11. Checking tire pressure on my car
15. Running outside only (no treadmill)
16. Using tote bags, no more plastic bags
17. Switching to recycled toilet paper
27. Using chemical-free, reusable cloth static-cling sheets in the dryer
    A note on those: I’ve never seen them. Have you?
29. No more disposable plastic cutlery or plates
34. Changing all my light bulbs to CFLs
45. Using the air-dry function on my dishwasher
    Wish I could make that change. We still don’t have a dishwasher 🙂
47. No more using paper towels or hand-dryers in public bathrooms
52. Properly disposing of my used batteries at a local hazardous waste depot
    Or a grocery store or hardware store!
64. Recyling my used wine corks through the Bag-a-Cork program
    That’s only in the Ontario area, and has shut down. But cork is 100% recyclable, so find a place near you to recycle it!
72. Shutting down my computer every day at work instead of just logging off
74. Following the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow…” rule
77. Using only the herbs and spices I can grow at home
88. Always asking for no receipt, unless I really need one
93. Recycling anything and everything that can be recycled — no excuses
96. Sleeping naked
    Not so sure how that helps, but sure. Why not.
105. Picking weeds (in mom’s garden) by hand rather than with pesticide
108. Limiting my use of elevators
112. Using GoodSearch instead of Google
    More on that one later!
124. Composting
    Or at the very least, throwing green waste in the green trash bins instead of the grey ones. Food waste doesn’t decompose in landfills where there’s no oxygen.
127. Not using any more straws
144. No more gyms, all exercise must be outdoors
147. Bringing my own headphones for the plane
148. Using corn-based BioBags for the garbage bins
156. Not buying any leather
159. Washing all my clothes in cold water
163. Printing on both sides of the page
166. Putting a bottle of water in the toilet tank to reduce the amount used per flush
    Or a brick.
189. Wearing items of clothing twice or more, as long as they’re not dirty or smelly
203. Cutting the end off the toothpaste tube when it’s almost done to scrape the last little bit out
207. Watering my outdoor plants at night instead of during the day
217. Smiling at one person I don’t know every day
219. Only buying wooden hangers, preferably used
222. Turning down the temperature on my water heater
227. Borrowing and sharing
236. Going by the 10-second rule whenever I drop food on the floor
240. Setting my desktop wallpaper to black, which uses less energy
328. Commenting on other people’s decisions that aren’t very green, educating them about why it’s important to consider alternatives

And my favorite, which probably doesn’t do much, but again, why not?
356. Going skinny dipping

You can find the entire list here: http://greenasathistle.com/green-listed/


~ by stormcellar on October 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “366 ways to be a little bit greener. (Travis)”

  1. Sleeping naked=no air conditioning

  2. btw..your blogs are way better than mine!

  3. Maybe I need a real job… 🙂

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