5 weeks! (Travis)

First, 5 weeks to the day until our flight to Oz! It’s sneaking up so fast. Who wants to help us move everything into storage? Free beer and pizza!

I realized today that I only get to work at PWC 4 more times 😦 I’ve loved every minute of it, and I’ll miss it! I hope we can find something like this in Oz to keep us busy. Every part of the job is rewarding – even the nasty jobs (cleaning pelican boxes, for example).

I know I posted pictures of the raccoons last week, but they’re just so cute, so here’s another. There’s also a common murre, a great horned owl, and a baby ground squirrel (check out her fingernails – the squirrel’s. Pretty wild).

~ by stormcellar on September 28, 2010.

One Response to “5 weeks! (Travis)”

  1. So cute! Aarde and I may be able to help you guys … just depends since we’re in and out so much this month. Let us know when you’re thinking (plus pizza and beer helps!)

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