Really? Someone would do that? (Travis)

So I worked at Pacific Wildlife Care again this morning. As always, it was a rewarding experience to help the animals in need. Like this cuddly little family. (There are actually three in there, the third is probably somewhere under the other two):

Every once in a while an animal comes through that deserves a name – usually ones that stay in the center for a while (like “Mr. Handsome”, a turkey vulture whose name I assume is meant to be ironic). Anyway, I overheard our supervisor call one of the seagulls “Smirnoff” – I assumed that someone had been enjoying a bit of that delicious elixir when they came up with the name. But the real story is that the gull was injured and couldn’t fly away from some kids, who decided it would be a good idea to pour vodka down the bird’s throat. Now, I’m no veterinarian… but my gut says vodka isn’t good for gulls. Just a hunch. Lucky for him, he’s with the great people at PWC who will take great care of him.

Enough ranting. Here’s another fun little guy (a screech owl):


~ by stormcellar on September 21, 2010.

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