Pacific Wildlife Care gets its banding permit! (Travis)

For most of 2010 we’ve been volunteering for Pacific Wildlife Care, a group of incredible individuals in Morro Bay who rehabilitate injured, orphaned, starving, or otherwise distressed wildlife. A good portion of those animals are birds, from pigeons and seagulls to hawks and golden eagles. The trouble is, after we release a bird, we have no clue what happens to it. So, for the past decade, the folks at PWC have been trying to get banding permits – permits issued by the government to allow them to put a little plastic band with a number and contact info on a bird’s foot. And after years of hard work, they got it!

So this blog has three purposes.

First, if you find a bird with a band (or even just the band), please call! It only takes a minute, and the information is so important for the people who devote their time to helping our wildlife.

And second, check out the press PWC got!

And finally, the process of rehabbing these animals isn’t free. If you care to make a donation to PWC, check out our website. All donations that are made before we leave for Australia (November 2) will go directly to PWC.


~ by stormcellar on September 10, 2010.

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