Success Stories at Pacific Wildlife Care (Travis)

I love working with the animals at Pacific Wildlife Care – just about every week, I get to release an animal I’ve helped rehabilitate. This week was extra special though – we released a golden eagle! He came to us 4 months ago. He didn’t have any obvious injuries, but he was weak and underweight, and couldn’t hunt for himself. He’s gained 2 pounds since then (it doesn’t sound like a lot, but he came in at 4 pounds. Imagine a person at 80 pounds and another at 120 – it’s a big difference.) We kept him for a while and stabilized his metabolism, and sent him to a rehabilitation center in Ojai. He’s hunting for himself now, and he’s ready to go free!

We also released a house sparrow today – he was caught by a cat a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of trying to capture him in a 20 foot flight – I’m sure I looked ridiculous chasing him around. But I got him, and he’s happy and free now.

We also just got this little guy in – a super cute baby swallow (I think anyway – don’t quote me on that!) It seems like he fell out of the nest, so we’re stabilizing him and we’ll release him soon.

Good luck to our healthy and free friends!

~ by stormcellar on August 4, 2010.

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